Getting To Know You First

Karen Clark Fitness first goal is to get to know you better. That means understanding where your at right now from your current activity level, your current eating patterns to postural assessment & fitness testing. Next we discuss where you want to get to by setting clear ultimate goals that can be broken down into smaller attainable goals. All training is fully customized to your needs & is geared towards helping you to create a good solid base of health & fitness that can be built on over the progression of a solid year of Personal Training.

Getting to know me

Get To Know Karen

"My passion is helping women & select male clients regain their fitness & health.

My passion really grew when I had to fight for my own health. Over a period of 18 months I went from being a super fit personal trainer to not having the energy or strength to lift a glass of water to my own mouth, back to being a fit, healthy & active personal trainer."

"Within the space of 18 months my whole world was turned upside down & inside out, thankfully I found the strength & knowledge to overcome this challenging time & turned that into something amazing that I can share with you"

"I sincerely look forward to sharing & helping you through your life path & journey back to feeling fit, healthy & vibrant again"

What Results To Expect

Karen Clark Fitness has a 3 step process that comes with a health warning because these are some of the great things your going to be feeing, saying & shouting out for all to hear!


Step 1

First were going to Realize Your Potential

"I feel AMAZING & wonder why I didn't commit to this training sooner!"


Step 2

Then were going to Reveal Your Potential

"I LOVE the time I have created for myself & I don't  feel guilty about it one bit!"


Step 3

Ultimately your going to Reach Your Potential

"I am so GRATEFUL to know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to!"

Next Steps...

You have the potential to become your best self. Together lets realize that, reveal that & reach that potential that's always been in you.