Karen Clark Fitness believes in keeping things simple. Here are answers to some common questions.

What sort of training do you provide?

Personal Training - helps you live a fuller more enjoyable life. Here are some of Karen Clark Fitness training tequniques.

Body weightraining is Karen Clark Fitness starting point to create & build the base strength to avoid injuries later on as training progresses & intensifies.

Functional movements - are movements that you perform every day in life & are the very things that can become laboured with restricted mobility or a lacking in strength. ie - going to the toilet, lunging out of your car, getting up from a chair without using the arm rests, lifting a heavy box down from a high shelf etc...

Core work - is a major focus to support the back in all movements to create a lifetime of support.

Cardiovascular training - is also a large focus because if you don't have great lung capacity & aren't able to breath efficiently your fitness level is going to hold you back in all things.

Postural training - is something that can become overlooked but it is extremely important in all movements. As we all spend more time sitting there are ramifications directly related to this body position. Repetition of que's for all movements help to repair the mind to muscle connections that can be forgotten.

Assisted Stretching, body rolling, fascial stretch therapy are additional services provided in the care of your body.

What sort of healthy eating plans do you provide?

Every Personal Training client is encouraged to work with Karen Clark Fitness tailored meal plan. It is an effective tool in understanding your food intake in the art of fueling your body effectively for your targeted goals.

All meal plans are tailored to the things you like, your favourite treats & meals. Knowone goes to "Food Jail" at Karen Clark Fitness & you don't have to be a top chef to prepare your meals, simple is best.

Meal Plans are provided monthly & evolve naturally with your training & show a full breakdown of the main macros, quantities & calorie totals which help you to learn in an effective way.

How will The Feel Good Guide help me?

The Feel Good Guide is a step by step process to get you back to Feeling Good & the many facets that involves.

It's all of the things that I put in place to return back to health after a year of prolonged sickness.

No matter where your fitness level may be or your level of health currently. The Feel Good Guide is your guide back to improved health, Mind, Body & Soul.



What are your costs?

Personal Training - For Personal Training costs lets discuss where your training will take place & the frequency of training to provide you with your cost of training package.

Online Training - For Online Training lets discuss your training needs & frequency of training in order to provide you with your cost of training package.

The Feel Good Guide Course - This 7 week course is a set fee of $995 & fully accessible for 1 year. Additional packages are available to provide tailored assistance.

Meal Planning - This is a set fee of $40 for pre planned Meal Plans. For details on individually designed meal plans contact Karen Clark Fitness for further details.