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My Story

It think it only fitting that you hear my transformation story. During my year long illness I put on 20lbs of bodyfat & lost a lot of muscle. I was eating for energy that could never be replaced with little to no movement or exercise. I began my transformation in August 2015 & am happy to say that I am healthy with a great metabolism & have lost the 20lbs of fat & have boundless energy.

Personal Training

Client Story -

Working with Nicole has been a journey of growth & its been really amazing to watch her move forward, not just physically but mentally too. She's realizing in her great potential.


"I got to a point in my life when I knew it was time for a change. I couldn't seem to get myself out of the "hole" I was in. Stress eating has always been my struggle. Even though I knew it was time for a change I didn't have any clue where to start! Karen's Facebook page came up on my newsfeed & I thought I may as well send her a message. I honestly didn't expect anything from it but when she messaged me back, her positive attitude was quickly noticed."

"We met a week later & now I write this after my 3 month fitness test & I have almost doubled all my results! I've been seeing Karen 3 times a week for 3 months & the thing that has helped me the most is not the weight loss or the inch's lost, its the positive vibe she is always displaying & the constant reminder that we are all human & no one is ever in "food jail" Changing my lifestyle was the hardest thing I've had to do, putting my life through a total 180 degree, changing my everyday habits."

"Karen is there to keep me grounded every time we talk. My overall outlook on life has been much higher & I now enjoy taking my 5 year old nephew out for hikes, bike rides etc... "

"Karen has given me that confidence back. I don't see Karen as a personal trainer, I see her as a life coach. A woman that has given me back a part of my life I had lost for so long. It also helps that she has a pretty cool accent ;)"


Personal Training

Client Story -

Working with Lindsay has been such a great experience & we've build a real bond of friendship. Here's how Lindsay puts that into words.


Karen Clark Fitness has changed my life!

With a carefully tailored exercise regimen and meal plan based on my personal health, current fitness level (which improves every session!) and individual goals, Karen Clark has helped me to recognize and reveal my potential!

Very quickly, Karen established a level of trust with me that I knew she would only push me as far as she believed I could safely go. Her unique, friendly approach makes me feel like I am capable of doing it, even when it gets tough. She doesn’t let me give up on myself.

The sense of accomplishment after I do what I thought I couldn’t do is a feeling you have to experience to describe! I love getting my purple stars and high fives! (And I’m loving my new booty!) It’s not just the inches lost and the number on the scale, but the fact that I can physically do so much more than I could before (18 pushups!!).

Most important though, is my pride in my determination and achievements, the newly found confidence that puts a spring in my step, the emotional healing this experience has contributed to, and the excitement of knowing my full potential is within reach.

My body is stronger and so am I.


Personal Training

Client Story -

Heather has been great fun to work with, here's what she had to say about her experience & Karen's training style.


"When I started to train with Karen I was unfit, overweight and unsuccessful with losing the weight through my own measures." 

"It’s funny, you know, I have been a physiotherapist for 13 years but have always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, especially after giving birth to my 3 kids. I have worked with numerous trainers in the past, some helpful, some not so much." 

"What I particularly liked about Karen was that she looked at me as a whole, as opposed to giving me some exercises and counting the sets and reps. She evaluated my lifestyle, not just my fitness level. She focussed on emotional fitness as well as physical fitness. I think this is an amazingly powerful quality in a personal trainer. She has this sweet yet militant vibe about her which is quite endearing and extremely motivating. When it came to the exercises, I was so impressed with the knowledge that Karen offers in terms of anatomy, physiology, body mechanics and injury prevention. She really takes into consideration every person individually and tailors the program to their needs, whatever their level of fitness may be or the injuries they may be dealing with. As a physiotherapist, I can say, this quality is invaluable in a personal trainer. I feel as though she would be a great compliment to working with injuries along side a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Massage Therapist."
"The results for me? Improved fitness, improved healthy lifestyle habits, as well as weight loss. I'd recommend Karen to anyone based on my own personal experience as well as from the perspective of a health professional."

Personal Training

Client Story -

Corinne has improved every session by leaps & bounds, here's her perspective on what its like to work with Karen.


"Karen is the addition my fitness needed! She has made getting back in shape fun again. While addressing all my imbalances we have improved so much in such a short period of time! I will be running long distances and reaching my goals in no time."